I am a hand embroiderer who has always had an interest in all things stitched.  My first stitching memory came in the form of a small wool canvas work kit given to me by my mother upon my seventh birthday.  I still reflect on that initial excitement, that same feeling that all creative people get when embarking on a new embroidery challenge, not really knowing how to go about completing the vision, that you have conjured up in your head.

After studying at the Royal School of Needlework my work has included teaching embroidery to adults and children alike with the more recent resurgence of hand embroideryPersonalised bespoke piecesWedding Ring Cushions and Private commissions, most currently a piece of gold work to be presented to the Liberation museum near Arnhem in Holland in recognition of all those involved with operation Market Garden during WWII.

Back in 2016 I realised the need for good quality, reasonably priced embroidery furniture, being a former student I knew what it was to have limited funds and so I had a vision to create beautiful yet functional trestles with a view that these should stand the test of time like that of the many embroideries that would be created whilst using them, and with this in mind set out to create god quality beech wood embroidery trestles that were not only solid and stable but could be easily stored away when not in use, with the idea that the feet could be easily removed.

Enjoy my website, browse through my gallery pages, view my shop and do get in touch if you see something you like or would like made, Magda